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GenBiotics is an STW Perspectief Program that aims to develop novel genomics-based approaches to exploit hitherto over-looked genetic resources for antibiotics and to utilize bio- and semi-synthetic schemes for lead optimization. It is the ambition of the program to identify and develop novel antibiotics for human application, but a full realization of this knowledge will be a real long term goal outside the scope of this program. Aiming at a direct link between public research centers and the industrial world, GenBiotics projects have at least one industrial partner that participates substantially (cash and/or in-kind) in the research.

Focus and Synergy

The GenBiotics program focuses on two major themes:
  1. Harnessing biodiversity and genomics for antibiotics discovery
  2. Combinatorial approaches for antibiotics development
The program seeks for a synergy of:
  1. genomics-based approaches to exploit the sequenced genomes of filamentous fungi, actinomycetes and other bacteria that are producers of most clinically useful antibacterial drugs; or genomics based screening of existing libraries of microbial strains; and
  2. (bio-)synthetic combinatorial approaches to increase structural diversity of identified antibiotics.


Since the required combinations of strategies are too ambitious for individual academic and industrial laboratories to address adequately, a concerted approach is used in which each research project covers different disciplines.
Four projects were granted in a first tender. Depending on the midterm evaluation, a second tender is expected to be scheduled building upon the deliverables of the first tender.

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